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Rare Random Meme

December 11, 2008

I’ve been tapped by Mr. Josh Barton to do this little meme of six random facts about myself, and because he’s a swell guy, I’ll oblige. I had to go back to this post to make sure I didn’t repeat anything. So, onward…

  1. My entire body temperature is pretty much determined by my feet, or more specifically, the bottom of my feet.
  2. I have a heightened sense of taste (on purpose), and hate most vegetables. Likewise, I never eat or drink anything that doesn’t taste good, unless I’m trying to be really polite. However, if you put a good sauce on nearly any food, I will probably eat it.
  3. Despite my love of history, culture, and knowledge of the world, as well as knowing full well that the area is rich in both, I have little desire to learn about or visit South America. Or perhaps desire isn’t the word. It’s just really nowhere near the top of my list. I really haven’t been able to pinpoint why, either.
  4. The improper or overuse of commas bugs me A LOT. Except in chat (all bets are off).
  5. One of my favorite childhood memories is being at my grandparents’ house in Michigan and watching Mr. Bean with my mom, sister, and grandpa on the local PBS station, as it wasn’t shown in Arizona. (Both Grandpa & I own the whole series in all its glory.)
  6. I’ve had a website in some form since 8th grade (or 1998). I’ll fully disclose that it was an NSYNC link repository, and received over 1k hits a day. Bring on the mockery.

I’m just going to tag Alissa, Derek, & Jacob to do this in my comments since Josh has stolen some other choice picks. (I also have no idea who reads this, so.. surprise me!)

The one where I get love-drunk with patriotism

November 4, 2008

Tonight I saw a country truly rise to occasion of having their voices heard. No matter who they cast a ballot for, one thing is certain: Americans have paid attention.

A great part of my historical studies in college dealt with the United States and the American system of government. I’ve seen how its affected different groups of people in different periods of time, and I can say with full confidence that I stand by it completely. When this country was developed, our founding fathers put in place through the Constitution three different departments to look over the nation: a wide-bodied Legislature branch, a prudent Justice branch, and a commanding Executive branch – all accompanied by a fair system of checks ‘n balances. While it relies on imperfect people to act out its design, the design itself is something I’ve always been proud of and agreed with. This system, and more importantly, the Constitution that mandated it, are the fundamental reasons I could never denounce my country, and why I could never lose hope. I will continue to have faith in my country, and I hope to find my faith in my leaders restored by my new Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, very very soon.

“The unity of Government, which constitutes you one people, is also now dear to you. It is justly so; for it is a main pillar in the edifice of your real independence, the support of your tranquillity at home, your peace abroad; of your safety; of your prosperity; of that very Liberty, which you so highly prize. But as it is easy to foresee, that, from different causes and from different quarters, much pains will be taken, many artifices employed, to weaken in your minds the conviction of this truth; as this is the point in your political fortress against which the batteries of internal and external enemies will be most constantly and actively (though often covertly and insidiously) directed, it is of infinite moment, that you should properly estimate the immense value of your national Union to your collective and individual happiness; that you should cherish a cordial, habitual, and immovable attachment to it; accustoming yourselves to think and speak of it as of the Palladium of your political safety and prosperity; watching for its preservation with jealous anxiety; discountenancing whatever may suggest even a suspicion, that it can in any event be abandoned; and indignantly frowning upon the first dawning of every attempt to alienate any portion of our country from the rest, or to enfeeble the sacred ties which now link together the various parts.” (George Washington’s Farewell Address, 1796)

My Money Revelation, Part I: The Poor House

October 30, 2008

Early this evening, I was catching up on posts at The Simple Dollar, a helpful financial blog I found over a year ago, and came across his post on having a money revelation. (It’s an interesting read, give it a read.) And while these are a few simple ways to grasp the mammoth of money.. I offer my own personal path: mismanage your money and go broke.

Over the last few months, I’ve become more and more frank about the status of my finances, primarily when discussing social plans or economic woes. My favorite mantra’s become something like, “makes no different to me – I’m already broke.” (There’s truth in sarcastic empathizing!) But, you see, I’m at this point of revelation for one reason: I have been terrible with money. I completely sucked myself into the credit card lie and began relying heavily on the available “money” a line of credit provided, even though it meant that come time to pay, I wouldn’t be able to cover it. I bought food I never ate, clothes I never wore, services I didn’t need… and it lead me to June 2008.

After 3 straight months of $1300 bills on my American Express (and an abnormally non-frugal trip to Boston & DC), I couldn’t keep up, and I didn’t make my full payment. My card was halted until I paid. And while I never had a month’s bill go beyond the 30-day mark, come the next month.. that money was even less available for payment. Thus, my situation became this: while I was still paying my regular bills, I now needed to pay additional bills more rapidly than anticipated so that I could wrangle in my credit. Result? Zero cash for non-essentials (and yes, my simple cup of drip coffee is essential for my sanity.) And I keep projecting the next month would be better – beginning of August.. or maybe mid-September.. no, beginning of October.. wait, no, November 15th.

It’s a painful, pride-stripping journey that quite frankly sucks, but one good outcome: I’m learning to manage my money and reprogramming my brain to think frugal.

March 4, 2008

As I sit here and go through perspective students’ transfer courses, quickly applying credit and admitting them to school, I see some really cool classes, and I honestly start to wish I had padded my education with more fluff. Because history of the Beatles, Pop/Rock, Rock Since 1970, Jazz in America, Foreign Film, and Documentary Film weren’t enough.

Long Road to Ruin

February 1, 2008

I have to admit, the new year hasn’t entirely done in the direction I thought it would. Not necessarily a negative experience.. kind of in the middle, I guess you could say – bad cancelled out by good. Nevertheless, I started a new job that’s working for the most part. I’m at that stage where I just need to make money and temporarily put my career happiness on hold (emphasis on temporarily). If that sounds odd, don’t worry – it’s driving me crazy. The other day I found myself wishing I was still in college so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about landing a job that paid what (I think) a bachelor’s degree should warrant. Score 1 for growing up, I guess. That said, the job itself isn’t too hard – it won’t come home with me, and pretty much everyone has been very pleasant. And I can listen to my ipod while I work (thus increasing my prodution and happiness). There’s fear that the new director’s gonna withdraw Casual Fridays, but I think someone’s gonna burn the place down if that happens. Which would be a shame – its a new pretty glass buiding.

Random medicine plug: Tylenol Cold Head Congestion Severe is possibly the greatest OTC on the market right now. Amaaaaazing stuff; I highly recommend it. But only try to use it once your cold sets in – it’s kinda powerful. If you’re only semi-sick, it might make you feel weird.

I’m trying to work out the best way to add a “recently on Twitter” and “recently on Flickr” thing to this, as those two have been updated waaay more than this. There’s pictures up from a little trip to Disneyland a few weeks ago – tried to moblog most of the day in the park, but I have actual pictures to post there soon, too.