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January 29, 2007

I spent almost 3 hours today training on how to process some graduate paperwork. Luckily, it was on easy paperwork, and Jen (workout buddy) was the one schooling me, but training is training and slkjskljkd. Exhausting. Good news, though, is I’m getting a promotion at work, or essentially being hired full-time. I’m hoping that we can bypass the hiring system like we’re trying to do, just because I’d like to get paid and earn vacation hours for the job I’ll already be doing. The only pesky thing is my class in the middle of the day. So far, I’ve been very good about going (haven’t missed a class!), but I know that some days I’m going to be right in the middle of something, and I’ll have to leave it for an hour. Yep, boohoo.

The class is interesting, though. I don’t know anything about populism in South America, or much about the history of any South American country, so it’s new territory that I think I’ll enjoy exploring. Plus, its my only class of the four that’s a) not on the internet, and b) even remotely hard. Rock history since 1971, world geography, and art history 101 don’t scream out “stress! papers! insanity!”, so I’m happy. Especially about that papers part; as a history major, I think I’ve done my fair share of writing, and dealt with a few gems along the way. Remember this?

This essay is radically defective in academic writing style and fails to convey conceptual understanding of the nature and functions of ideology — as these were presented in class, or from readings.

It used to infuriate me. I had never been told anything like that before, or since. I even got an A on the other essay, which wasn’t written much different. Now, though, I think I’ll have it framed for my kids to admire. “Look what mommy’s Canadian professor said, kids. Aren’t you so excited for college?” My inevitably sneaky future son will take it to school for Show ‘n Tell. The little punk is going make me so proud, I’m already getting verklempt!

(I am not pregnant. But I am HIV Negative.)

Damn, that feels good.

December 11, 2006

I needed to get 175/225 on my last online jazz exam in order to get the grade I wanted. When I completed it tonight, and saw that I got 200/225, I swiftly threw my arms in the air like a fratboy and yelled, “that’s right, bitch!” Needless to say, I was excited.

I won’t be able to do the same after my Meteorology final tomorrow, as I will be in a room full of people, but on the inside.. fratboy!

Photo Essay: Friday, December 8th

December 9, 2006

Well, look what’s happening here

October 26, 2006

So, I guess when you don’t post anything for a few months, people stop reading? Is that how the story goes? Well, excuses aside, I’ve had things to say. Forget the rest of the details from Europe, they’ll be up this weekend. Here, in fact. And the archives will be linked soon.

Why now? Well, yesterday, I was walking across campus to my car after my last class, and I saw tables set up by the big fountain next to the MU. On these tables, someone had set up multiple chess boards, and people were casually playing as if it were Central Park. It was such a cool moment, and I had no one to tell about it. Tragedy, I know!

It’s the only motivation I have sometimes.

May 10, 2006

After the required super-school detox comes the details. My most stressful semester-to-date is now over! I think the combination of more serious classes and working two jobs was just alittle too much for me, because while it was more schoolwork, it all wasn’t that hard. I guess I shouldn’t say that it was incredibly stressful – I just didn’t have time for anything else. I had my last documentary film class on the first (no final), then my Latin final on Friday. There were two translations which I rocked (the prose) and did okay on (the poetry). Hopefully it balances out. Saturday I took my last geography exam (am just awaiting my tourist paper grade), and then Monday, I got rid of that wretched Russian history paper for good. The class was fine, the professor is highly intelligent, but Russian history only held my attention for about 3 weeks. Not my cup of tea.

However, while the Spring semester is over, I just started a course at Rio (COM100). It won’t be hard at all, but I was thinking about this the other day.. this course goes until August (technically I’ll finish it sooner), I start two 5-week summer sessions at the beginning of July, and another Rio class begins on the 31st of the same month. With the Fall semester starting mid-August, by the time I graduate in December (and I must do all of this to graduate in December), I will not have had a day without school in almost a year. That’s kinda crazy, isn’t it? But so is Tom Cruise, and his movie still made $48 million.