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Long Overdue “Hey, 2009!” Link Post

February 1, 2009

The Linkmeister: Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Edition

March 16, 2007

Some of the more interesting links/posts I’ve found in the last few weeks through LifeHacker, The Simple Dollar, and others…

(I’ve also been greatly utilizing to keep track of all these between my laptop and my work computer. I’d recommend that, too.)

How to:
How to Stop Being Late
Make a Ringtone from any MP3
How to Make a Hollow Book – Seriously, I know you’ve always wanted to do this, too.
101 Ways to Organize Your Life
5 Ideas for Stressful Living

31 Days to Fix Your Finances: a Wrapup – Taking the slow path on this, but its helping.
20 Places to Hide Money at Home Besides Under Your Mattress
The FICO Battle: 10 Common Tactical Mistakes When Dealing With the Credit Score Blues
Exploring the Latte Factor: What a Latte Really Costs You – Switch to regular coffee and learn to brew at home; you’ll save quite a bit!

An Introduction to Making Money Selling Digital Photos – It doesn’t mention this, but you probably should be good, too.
Everything About White Balance

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ted Leo – Finally coming to town in April.
The “300” Workout – Damn.
MetaFilter Commentary on the “300” Workout – It’s alittle long, but witty community at MetaFilter really nailed it.
Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) on NPR: Creating Our Own Happiness
The Guardian’s 10 Essential Albums for Spring – Might I highly recommend The Twang. Virgin’s been playing “Wide Awake” like mad, and I can’t stop paying attention. See also: Rufus Wainwright.

March 21st: Free 16oz Iced Coffee at Dunkin Donuts! – Ask if you can add some Vanilla.
DeskTask – If you’re not into Google Desktop (pity), here’s another way to get your Outlook calendar on your desktop. Not that I run my life by Outlook or anything.
Men’s Health: How Clean is Your Drinking Water? – Here’s a hint, Phoenix: it’s not.

Well, Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. Drink some lovely Guiness, or my personal favorite of the brewing family, Smithwick’s, but don’t drink beer from those who dye it green – that’s just silly.