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It began one sunny day…

October 30, 2006

I believe my love for the Beautiful Game started at the end of my first year in college. I had just decided to study abroad and was already filling my brain with Scottish facts (at that time, I was going to Glasgow, which later turned to Edinburgh – and sadly/happily turned to Vancouver, BC). I figured if I was going to spend time in the UK, or rather any time outside of the US, I better learn alittle about soccer (henceforth, properly called football). I started following the Scottish Premier League first, since Glasgow had two teams in there, and developed great loyalty for Celtic – and a great hate for all things Portuguese (bunch o’ divers!) Anyway, I slowly got into the English Premiership & started following Chelsea, but then we lost Fox World Sport on our TV, so then it was harder to follow both leagues. I didn’t watch much football during the 2004-2005 season, but with the lead-up to the World Cup, being there for the start of it, getting up at 7am to watch it on ESPN, and now, with FSC showing EPL games, its back in full force. Actually, its become one of my daily “things” – checking BBC Sport & the like (Celtic, Chelsea, & Aston Villa.. multiple times a day).

Top Five things to love about Football:
1. No clock stoppage: when they say 90 minutes, its really 90 minutes (with some exception to added time from injuries). This means no timeouts and little wasting of time.
2. Multi-tasking: you can also watch a match while doing something else; you’ll always know when something big is happening because the announcers & the crowd grow increasingly loud.
3. No pads, no helmets, no guards: this is not a game for wussies.
4. F-i-t: football players have to be in the best shape of all; with all that running & kicking & tripping (ahem, tackeling), you must have a lot of endurance and stamina. It helps that they look good, though honestly, I must say their buldging thigh muscles scare me a bit.
5. Passion & football culture: baseball+basketball+(american) football fanaticism = soccer/football fanaticism. It gets pretty insane.. and pretty fantastic.

Halloween weekend

October 31, 2004

The Yankees choke, the Spartans choke (go blue!), Celtic wins again (thatta boy Beattie)… its a good time in sports.

I don’t normally follow sports too closely, but I’m alittle bored here. 🙂

Friday night, I went with Alicea & Sinje to see I Heart Huckabees downtown, and it was great. It was very funny, but not like slapstick humor; it was random, ironic humor.. my humor. Jason Schwartzmann has such good comedic timing & comedic angst. On the bus ride back to UBC, I was thinking quite a bit (I love when movies make me think!) about how everyone you encounter is the same. Not in looks or actions or speech, but feelings & emotions are shared by everyone. I feel love and pain just as everyone else feels love and pain. I think that’s apart of being human. I can’t really explain it further without giving away parts of the movie, so I guess I could explain in an email or something. I’m even not entirely sure if that’s what they were trying to say, but that’s what I walked away with.

Yesterday, I layed around all day (typical Saturday) until about 6ish. I got ready for the party. It was just right down the street yet I was still a half hour late. It was fun, though there wasn’t a lot of people there. We did this scavenger hunt that was more of a “do this task and take pictures of it” kind of thing. While we were out around campus, its started to rain, out of nowhere! We were already under the shelter of the SRC, but it was funny. It looked so thick and so I said, “wow that doesn’t even look like rain.” This guy said there was just a lot of it, but I was still skeptical.. and for good reason. It was, in fact, hailing! Apparantly that happens in Vancouver as much as it does in Arizona (i.e. like never), so that was fun. It rained/hailed/drizzled for about 10 minutes and then it was dry for the rest of the night. Totally weird. Anyway, when we got back to the party location, Joycelin & Ephie has shown up. We needed music, so Joel & Ephie came with me to go grab my laptop & speakers from my room, and we all played games/chilled for the rest of the night. Joel gave me a ride back, which was awesome cause it saved me 10 risky minutes walking home (remember the sudden rain?) and I had so much to carry home.

I slept sooo good last night AND I got an extra hour of sleep, thank you daylight savings. It was completely trippy to watch my laptop change from 1:59am to 1:00am (time changed at 2), and now I keep thinking how it’s 3:00pm right now, but really its 4:00pm. It’s throwing me all off. 🙂 I don’t know if I’ll head out after all tonight. I’m feeling lazy and it’s different when I’m not in the same company as back home.

September 14, 2004

I had a really fun day. Scott Swanson & Steve Robinson took a few hours out of their Seattle trip to drive up to Vancouver! So I showed them some of the city and ate some dinner w/ them.

Lastly, Canada won the (hockey) World Cup tonight, which was kinda exciting to watch. I’m really not joking about the whole “canadians-love-hockey” thing. People be shoutin’ and gettin’ all excited. It’s funny.