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We Meet Again.

September 20, 2011

Hello, again. We haven’t talked in awhile – 31 months to be exact. Well, that’s not true. I’ve updated my tumblr (ROBINÜMBLR) a bit in the last 2.5 years, but we all know that’s mostly reblogging. I stopped updated this because frankly, after so long, I really didn’t have much to say anymore. Everyone has a blog now, and everyone’s saying the same thing, reposting the same links. Or they’re talking about their kids. Which isn’t a dig – I just don’t really read family blogs unless its a friend’s family blog. Thus, I actually care about their lives & the growth of their kids. Otherwise, I don’t have kids; it’s just not relevant to me.

But, I suppose now I have something to talk about, more original things to post (sometimes). Because I’m moving! After years of talking about leaving Arizona, I’m finally doing it, and it feels pretty strange.

Everyone’s asked if I’m excited. Yes, definitely. But I’m very reserved at the same time. You can’t just jump at these things without major hiccups (or spending TONS of money), so I’ve had to plan. Of course, I’m a planner anyway, so it’s been all sorts of exciting in that way, too! Thank goodness for Remember the Milk for helping me keep my To-Do’s in line, even if I’ve postponed nearly every task in the last week. (That’s gonna bite me in the ass tomorrow. I work well under pressure, though, I swear!)

My destination is San Antonio, TX, which is not a place I ever expected to be. It wasn’t even on my radar. But as it happens, I’ve been seeing a guy at a distance for about 2.5 years (since right around the time this ol’ website halted, imagine that) and that is where he lays his head. It’s a nice town, though. Not all that dissimilar from Phoenix, except they get a bit more varied weather. I hear it even rains more than twice a year; finally, my weather app serves a purpose higher than “bragging” about 110F heat. I’m also back in school, honing and solidifying some of my more geekier skills for a professional future.

It’s a lot of change, but I’ve always handled such things with a degree of control… since it’s on my terms. Heh. But, I will say this: I’ve never felt more adult than when shopping for independent health insurance.

Christmas Day Link Post

December 25, 2008

Festivities are over, I’ve received both books I wanted, & tomorrow I return to work (for a short day). Hope the holidays were merry!


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A Walk Through London

December 17, 2008

(via Londonist)

Walking the Line

December 12, 2008

The way I “practice” my faith is very different from Megapreacher Joel Osteen, but I was pleasantly surprised when I passed this excerpt on CNN’s Larry King Live where Mr. Osteen is discussing preaching politics from the pulpit:

““You know, people have different views, and they’re just as passionate. They love God just as much. And so, I would just encourage … just get out there and vote. But we don’t feel like it’s our place to tell people how to vote. Just search their own heart”

A little over a month prior to the election, a number of evangelical churches decided to defy federal non-profit tax laws and formally endorse John McCain, even though the IRS has been cracking such acts. With help from the Alliance Defense Fund, these pastors risked losing their non-profit tax-exempt status to endorse (what they believed to be) their political candidate for office. However, as lawyers are quick to correctly point out (both in this NPR article and on various talk news programs), this is inherently illegal: “…if a church can endorse a candidate, it is using tax-free dollars — taxpayer money — to subsidize a political campaign.”

Where is the line drawn? Where is it appropriate to use your power of position to engage in politics? In doing so, do members of a church congregation feel that awkward pressure if they should disagree with their leaders?

I’ll admit that when I first heard the original story on NPR, I was angry. Angry with those organizations that preach virtues clearly breaking tax laws, and angry because I know the environment & just how susceptible those ears can be. But, I’m not an agent of the law, and perhaps those ears have developed a buffer after a number of years of Executive lies. Mostly, it just doesn’t surprise me anymore.

Back to Normalcy

August 31, 2007

After a 3-month break, the EPL & SPL seasons have started. Finally, I can get back to my normal routine of getting up ridiculously early on Saturday and Sunday mornings to catch games almost half a world away.

I did get to take a little vacation this summer in mid-July. I first went to Denver on the 18th for the MLS All-Star game vs. Celtic, staying at a lovely hostel (though had zero air circulation.. very humid indeed), and finding people to chat with both at the hostel & at the match. It didn’t start until 7pm on the 19th, so I spent much of the day walking around Denver. I ate breakfast at a nearby diner, read the NY Times at Starbucks, tried to visit the US Mint (all tours were unfortunately booked already), and relaxed in another independent coffeehouse with free wifi. The game was really fun, despite alittle rain during the first half. I sat next to two friendly gentleman (possibly an uncle-nephew duo?) who were rooting for both teams (more MLS than Celtic, but like me, a fan of both). Celtic really didn’t play their best (were they trying very hard? I don’t think so), and I was more impressed with the MLS side. David Beckham was there, and he seemed to make a big splash during his halftime interview. I caught him as he was leaving and snapped a few photos while he was signing autographs.

The next day, after spending an hour walking/waiting/riding the bus in the wrong direction (ugh), I finally just called a taxi, and made my flight out to Los Angeles. My long-time friend Matt picked me up from LAX, and I recanted my slightly creepy fight experience, sitting across from a woman who spent most of the flight doing what could only be described as counting the hairs on my head. (Yeah, I don’t know.) After showing me the wonder of LA transportation (aka sitting in traffic for an hour & a half), we went to dinner with Matt’s lovely girlfriend Elle, and just hung around for the night (aka Matt kicked my ass at FIFA ’06).

After some touring of the Hollywood area (Amoeba, Arc Light, etc), and running back to Matt’s work to reprint the tickets (forgot them at the apartment.. I’m a moron), we sat through the traffic to get to the Home Depot Center. Now, I was there to see my beloved Chelsea, but having Beckham there was nice treat. Especially because of the chaos he created. During the second half, you hear screams over on the side of the pitch, and its Becks simply stretching – his butt just happens to be in the air. It was like that all night – anything he did created a moment. When he finally entered the pitch, he was on for about two minutes when he started to limp alittle. Cue me going, “ahhh get ’em off, get ’em off!” and Matt says, “He’s grimacing.” Yeah, he really shouldn’t have played. And as much as ESPN, the MLS, silly Alexei Lalas wanna say they didn’t pressure him to play, you can’t deny that they did. (Hello, who banks on a debut date thats not guarenteed? ESPN, that was your own fault.)

Matt suggested I switch my flight to the one down the road (Burbank), which turned out to be brilliant. I had a great time out there visiting Matt & hanging out with Elle. Definitely still not a fan of the city of Los Angeles. Just not my cup o’ tea, I guess.