This weekend, my TV/VCR combo, which has enjoyed much appreciation from me over the last 5 years, decided to eat one of my most treasured childhood memories: a tape containing two beloved cartoon specials, Mickey’s Christmas Carol and A Disney Christmas. Yes, the very same two specials I mentioned a mere week ago as something that hits me right in the Christmas heart.

It’s not just that this timely holiday spectacle was hosted by Jiminy Cricket. We’re talking the epic snowball fight between Donald and his nephews. The romantic “Once Upon a Wintertime”. The inner workings of Santa’s Christmas shop! I felt so lost.

That is, until I found it on Amazon, thanks to those wonderful independent sellers. Rejoice!

Oh, the TV/VCR also died, as the tape is still stuck in there. It just keeps turning off after 20 seconds of trying to spit the tape out. I’ve already moved on. Jerk.

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