While I had a nasty cold last week, I was feeling great all day yesterday. And today, I feel like I’ve taken 3 steps back. But, you know what, it was totally worth it, because seeing Ted Leo & the Pharmacists live last night was the coolest thing I’ve seen this year (with 300 right behind it)! The man himself is a riot. Just a brief example here, as he explains what happened the last time he tried to come to Arizona for a showIt was such a cool show, and they played almost every song I wanted to hear, including Me & Mia, Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone? (my poor clip), Whole Lotta Walking To Do, Tell Balgeary Balgury is Dead, some of the new stuff, and, to my immense delight, Under Your Hedge (my favorite).

It was also a pretty mixed crowd. I wasn’t sure who would be there, just because you really don’t hear that much about TL in Phoenix. Some younger, some older, some Frat boys and indie kids, all amongst the regular folks. I also was once again reminded that, if standing next to an indie kid at a show, don’t give them the space to dance, because then you’ll just spend the entire time worried you’re gonna get smacked in the face. You’ll also save them from looking like morons with Brazilian fire ants in their pants.

If there’s any question as to how awesome he is live, just ask Wesley.

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