Unchosen Representatives

1. In an rare moment, I listened to a portion of Bush’s latest press babble (clips provided by NPR) & agreed with him. He called on Congress to stop debating over the issue of the Armenian Genocide (ABC News – can’t seem find a specific newslink… is he that irrelevant now?*) I’ll call it as such, and I’m comfortable with others calling it as such, but damn if there aren’t more important things to be working on than a non-binding agreement. You may recall that Congress also spent some time debating over whether to condemn MoveOn.org’s “General Betray Us” ad (they did.) Given that this resolution also was non-binding and could do nothing on the grounds of, oh I don’t know, the first amendment… what a complete waste of time.
Mr. Bush – the day is yours. Congratulations.

2. Normally, I don’t give Ann Coulter or other right/left-wing extremists much thought. Media Whores, really. But, who told her should could speak for all Christians in the world? It actually bothers me more than her “perfected Jews” statement (not even going to begin to disect that – it’s too easy). I know many people actually know the difference between her & myself, but she mucks up the term “Christian” quite a bit.

3. EURO 2008: As it stands tonight, Scotland must beat Italy in November, and England better pray that Russia loses to Israel on the same day. I think it’s entirely possible for both of these things to occur (the Scots are on fire lately & Israel is the home team), but crazier things have happened. Maybe the Faroe Islands can break their 11-game losing streak & defeat those Italians. Those World Cup Champion Italians.


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