Politics & Soccer: What else?

As politically minded as I am, I personally try not to focus a great deal on the Primaries. While I do believe it’s important to know the possibilities and choose the best candidate to represent your party, I also believe that politics has this funny habit of endorsing its own short-term memory. Two candidates supposedly on the same team can say the most horrible things about each other’s platform or proposed policies, digging in personally where there’s no business digging, only to suddenly latch on supportively when one person is designated to run for president in the general election. Case in point: Mitt Romney called out John McCain numerous times for not been conservative enough. Last week, he throws his full support behind him, instead of the more like-minded Mike Huckabee. And though Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have weeks before either will be solidified as the party candidate, you just know all the schoolyard bickering and zingers they’ve thrown at each other so far will be long forgotten as one is forced to step back and support the other.* It’s just the nature of politics. For me, I prefer to bypass the bullshit, listening to the news for updates and keeping tabs on soundbites without investing too heavily. Admittedly, this is also in part due to my Independant status, which preventing me from voting on February 5th, though either way, I’m not typically one to sit back and watch when something does actually matter. My slight OCD tendencies aren’t restricted to all things soccer/football.

*Though, Matt Lauer did an interesting little interview with Obama over the weekend where Obama states that he feels he’s been preparing for any upcoming Republican backlash thanks in part to his experience so far against the “Clinton Machine” – guess the Obama/Clinton ticket is out the door!

Speaking of.. 10 extra league games outside of the country? Denied! Basically, the plan would add one more game to each of the 20 Premiership teams’ season, with that extra game taking place a various venues in places such as North America, South America, and Asia. While I’d love to be able to see my Chelsea boys in person, this plan is lacking in rational thought in so many ways. Most importantly, as it stands now, each team plays every other twice – once at home, once away – and the extra game alone would create a great unbalance, nevermind how it could affect the home fans. I don’t doubt that these games would be a big draw wherever they are played, even in America, but the league’s presence is spreading as such a quick pace already that these teams could benefit greater from simple exhibition games, which many already do during the off-season.

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