Sunday Link Post

  • Here’s a short interview with lovely friend Jannese Davidson as she prepares to star in this season’s of Childplay‘s The Velvateen Rabbit. Running now through Dec 21st at Tempe Center for the Arts.
  • Friends Tom & Malora Mulhern discuss with the Calgary Herald their year-long (almost up!) quest to lead a compact life.
  • From David W. Dunlap of the New York Times; New York City 1978 vs. New York City 2008. My personal favorites are staple landmarks Grand Central Station & the now-missing Twin Towers (via kottke.)
  • While entering the Oval Office means Obama must give up his Blackberry (& email altogether!), for Bush, it means getting to send again. I’ll be honest: the latter be a tough transition for me, even if I’d still be connected to the world otherwise.
  • Don’t miss this unbelievable insight into the 2008 Presidential campaigns from Newsweek. I warn you – its long (7 “chapters”), but well worth the read.
  • Macworld’s 18 ways to protect your Mac – I’d emphasize using both built-in firewalls, ALWAYS installing Apple software/security updates, & not clicking links from email re: bank/sensitive accounts or even Facebook. (It’s just as easy to open another tab and go to the page directly on your own, and it can save you from phishing.)
  • If you are a fan of the insanely awesome “Caves” episode of Planet Earth, check out this from National Geographic: Crystal Palace. I think :O!!!!! sums it up quite nicely.
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