Rare Random Meme

I’ve been tapped by Mr. Josh Barton to do this little meme of six random facts about myself, and because he’s a swell guy, I’ll oblige. I had to go back to this post to make sure I didn’t repeat anything. So, onward…

  1. My entire body temperature is pretty much determined by my feet, or more specifically, the bottom of my feet.
  2. I have a heightened sense of taste (on purpose), and hate most vegetables. Likewise, I never eat or drink anything that doesn’t taste good, unless I’m trying to be really polite. However, if you put a good sauce on nearly any food, I will probably eat it.
  3. Despite my love of history, culture, and knowledge of the world, as well as knowing full well that the area is rich in both, I have little desire to learn about or visit South America. Or perhaps desire isn’t the word. It’s just really nowhere near the top of my list. I really haven’t been able to pinpoint why, either.
  4. The improper or overuse of commas bugs me A LOT. Except in chat (all bets are off).
  5. One of my favorite childhood memories is being at my grandparents’ house in Michigan and watching Mr. Bean with my mom, sister, and grandpa on the local PBS station, as it wasn’t shown in Arizona. (Both Grandpa & I own the whole series in all its glory.)
  6. I’ve had a website in some form since 8th grade (or 1998). I’ll fully disclose that it was an NSYNC link repository, and received over 1k hits a day. Bring on the mockery.

I’m just going to tag Alissa, Derek, & Jacob to do this in my comments since Josh has stolen some other choice picks. (I also have no idea who reads this, so.. surprise me!)

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  • alissa

    I totally remember doing this the last time & will do it again tomorrow!!

  • alissa

    I totally remember doing this the last time & will do it again tomorrow!!