Christmas 2008: Year of the Craft

Being one of the poor folk, I’ve decided the best route for Christmas gifts this year would be to make them! So I scoured the internet (briefly) to come up with ideas, and settled on three areas: chocolate, candles, & photos. I spent roughly $58 at Michael’s the day after Christmas and about $15 since on materials, and so far, I’ve only ventured into the chocolate side. And that has been a big success!

For the candies, I bought Wiltmon Candy Melts (Light Cocoa, Dark Cocoa, White Vanilla *which tastes somehow like white chocolate*, Red Vanilla, Green Vanilla, & Peanut Butter), a few molds, and sticks for lollipops. Instead of buying unnecessary candy melt bags, I just used sandwich bags, floating them in hot water until everything was melted, and cut off the corner of the bag. It was a bit messy while it was super hot, but all in all, it separated from the molds very easily, and they only had to sit in the fridge for 10 minutes.

The overall response from coworkers & friends has been very good, and I’m gonna make what is left for Christmas Day with the peppermint & creme de menthe (!!) I found. It’s a pretty simple process, so I highly recommend it!

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