NPR’s Race & Politics in Europe

Last week, NPR’s Morning Edition did a really interesting 3-part focus on race & politics a few European countries, including how their current situations or notions of equality might be effected by America’s election of its first biracial president. I think I personally get caught up in America’s race relations that I forget it’s not an American problem.

Germany: “Calling me ‘of migrant descent’ is a subtle way to separate me from them. It’s discrimination,” he says. “I was born here, so why do people tell me I am disadvantaged just because my grandparents were migrants? Maybe I am not a pure German, so call me a new German.”

Italy: “The language Italians hear from the mass media and politicians is disparaging about ‘the Other.’ One Northern League minister calls Africans ‘bingo bongos.’ Roma people — or gypsies, as they’re sometimes called — are often depicted on television as kidnappers of white children. And Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi made international headlines after Barack Obama was elected U.S. president by describing him as young and ‘tanned.'”

France: “It is tough here for all minorities. They don’t beat us, but they insult us. They show disdain for us. This is perhaps even worse than being beaten, this sense of not being welcome, not accepted. We fight against this…”

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