Paying for Print (sorta)

Ever since deciding I should contribute financially to the journalism world I enjoy daily, I’ve been debating and considering various publications over the last few months. Of course, my top pick was the New York Times, the paper I read near-daily either in print or online (mostly online), and the local choice of the Arizona Republic (after EV Tribune became free). I was also thinking of USA Today mostly because they don’t have a costly Sunday edition with loads of adverts I don’t need, and they had an introductory rate that was highly appeasing.

However, when I finally had the financial stability to pay for such a thing, that introductory rate disappeared for a much longer option, and I struggled with whether I wanted to just read the news or actually be challenged by it, which USA Today unfortunately doesn’t do. It was an option, but a backburner one. Then, while looking at the Republic, there was only one solid subscription: Sunday – Saturday. It’s not that I don’t read parts of a paper everyday, but factoring in cost, the amount of time I have to read it, and how annoying it is to try to recycle in my complex, I can’t justify a full-week subscription filled with some local/national/world news and a bunch of fluff.

So, my initial pick seemed to be my best choice. The Times offered multiple types of subscriptions, and best of all, as I was reading Kristof’s blog, he mentioned the paper’s digital reader, TimesReader.


It’s available on limited access for free, or $15/mo for the whole paper. It seemed the Mac version gave me the full Reader for free, but I mostly read at work anyway (on a PC, which is definitely limited.) You can click through the articles, print/email/save articles, heading links dim once they’ve been read, & syncs with the NYT server throughout the day.

In the end, I signed up at the introductory Sunday-only sub for 12 weeks, which gave me the full TR for free, after which point I’ll just go solely TR. (The price was a little cheaper for the intro, but double after that 12-week period. Yeah.) I doubt the NYT is seriously going anywhere this century over the lesser established dailies, so I doubt my money really helps. But if keeps Nicholas Kristof heading overseas and Frank Rich‘s weekly 1500, I’m happy to contribute. Pass on Ms. Dowd.

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