Intimate Details of an Old Home

When visiting my grandparents back in December, I decided to take a few pictures in order to remember their house. They’re getting a bit older, and it’s getting a bit harder to go out to Michigan (see: every 3 years), and this particular house they’ve lived in since my mom was a child.. so it has a bit of history to it as well. Which, of course, I love. The wallpaper on my mom’s old room, the latch on the basement pantry door, the lamp in the half bath above the sink, the top of the basement shower that used to freak me out because you could see the spiderwebs above the plastic separator, the chandelier that looks nearly identical to the one in my birth home, grandpa’s tools worn from decades of use, his orange suit he still tries to shovel snow in at 6am, the TV set we used in their RV when they came out to visit Arizona… all small details that for some reason always stuck out.

Livonia, MI.